Team Richard Chin, MD, Co-founder, Chair, Scientific Committee of the Board and Chairman of The Board

Dr Chin is Managing Director of Ascendant Venture, a family office/venture studio investing in seed-stage startups, with a preference for justice tech companies and other companies with a social mission.

Founder and CEO of Infinita Life Science, a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies to cure aging. Founder and Board Member of CEO of Bio Usawa, a biotech bringing affordable cancer therapies to patients in Africa, and AdoraPet Biosciences, a biotech creating healthier, cancer-free, and allergy-free pets.

Previously, Founder and CEO of KindredBio (NASDAQ:KIN), a biotech developing medicines for pets (acquired by Elanco), Former CEO of OneWorld Health, a Gates Foundation-funded nonprofit developing drugs for impoverished patients in developing countries. Former Head of Clinical Research, Biotherapeutics at Genentech. Former Associate Professor at UCSF.

Harvard M.D. Oxford law degree. Rhodes Scholar. Named by Businessweek as one of 99 youngest public company CEOs in America. Author of several textbooks. Responsible for dozens of INDs and numerous NDA/BLA/MAA/registrations.

Oversaw or developed numerous drugs, with current aggregate sales of well over $10 billion per year, including Lucentis, Tysabri, Xolair, Ocrevus, Rituxan (for immunologic diseases), Cathflo, Prialt, TNKase, Protropin, Pulmozyme, etc.

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