Team Raj Shankar Ghosh, MD, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

Dr. Ghosh is a physician with 30 years of experience in public health program delivery. His work has primarily focused on three broad portfolios: infectious disease management via public health solutions; program policy-advocacy and communication for vaccines, drugs and technologies; and primary healthcare delivery (planning, service delivery, monitoring and evaluation). He has held leadership positions with NGOs (field based), state health services (West Bengal State, India), development partner organizations (WHO, PATH, Institute for One World Health) and donor agencies (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - BMGF). Dr. Ghosh is committed to bringing high quality, affordable, inclusive and sustainable technologies and medicines to public and private healthcare sectors. He recently partnered with the Department of Management Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India to launch the Quality, Equity and Inclusiveness Initiative in Public Health to address the inequity gaps in healthcare delivery with evidence.

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